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A.i. Smart mail

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Put the power of Smart Mail Artificial Intelligence to work for you.

Smart Mail uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and target the right prospect right on time, every time.

Smart Mail is a powerful email marketing platform that helps you know your customers. By managing and analyzing the data that is being sent to various platforms, Smart Mail provides solutions like data-driven targeting and behavioral profiles that empower businesses to get more insights from their email marketing campaigns.

Innovative Direct’s Auto Data services harness powerful technology to convert data into actionable insights and marketing intelligence for millions of auto consumers.

Email Addreses, Demographic & Online Consumer ID's
Smart Mail AI

When you're ready to start marketing,
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V.I.N Data is available for ALL 50 STATES, including privacy states, with zero marketing restrictions. Which means, target who you want, when you need.


Innovative Direct’s Smart Mail is the most comprehensive and accurate data file available for direct mail. Our ongoing testing shows our data is 40% more accurate than other widely used data sets!

  • Over 260+ selects can be used for precise targeting
  • Demographic, geographic, lifestyle & behavioral selects available
  • Auto Selects Available: Year, Make, Model, Class, Purchase Type, Company Owned Autos
  • Quality and Verification
  • Each record must match two source inputs for a record to be considered
  • We triangulate against additional major national files to ensure deliverability and to create a triple verified record.
  • Our files are updated monthly
  • The file meets all DMA privacy, security compliances and is fully CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • NCOA, Deceased Scrub, Address Standardization, and CASS
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