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Imagine the power of a direct mail marketing boosted by the best strategic support and breakthrough technology.

Unlock the Power of Direct Mail Marketing

At Innovative Direct, we’ve perfected the science and art of direct mail marketing to maximize response, increase sales and enhance your bottom line.

Reach, Engage and Convert with Smart Mail

How do we achieve this? Our smart software technology automates tracking and reporting so that no lead goes unaccounted for. This lets you focus on converting the leads instead of tracking them.

Accelerate Your
Direct Mail Response

Smart Mail is an Innovative Direct Marketing solution for driving serious or quality leads and sales. Get the most out of your mailbox with the best online marketing service in the industry.

The Smartest Way to Reach your Customers

A unique Artificial intelligent marketing assistant that personalizes communications for each subscriber to increase engagement, improve customer retention and reduce cost per acquisition.

Get the most out of your advertising dollars

Let Innovative Direct help you achieve your sales, marketing and advertising goals. Co-op approved direct mail campaigns gives you the ability to utilize your manufacturer advertising funds with greater efficiency.

For every problem, there's a solution. We provide the most effective

If your business is struggling to capture the attention of today’s savvy car buyers, then we invite you to learn more about some of Innovative Direct’s most proven and progressive campaigns.

Your Direct Mail May be Missing a Very Important Ingredient

TextTrak allows you to communicate with your customers in a fast, effective and convenient manner. No longer do they have to spend time trying to find your website, login and navigate their way through to you. They can simply send you a message and receive an instant response.

Marketing Automation for Direct Mail Campaigns

Your marketing automation platform for your direct mail campaigns. Automated drip campaigns, built for specific customer groups.

Authorized Marketcenter Supplier

Innovative Direct is an authorized Marketcenter Supplier with over 3 years of experience in the direct marketing industry. This means we are directly linked with millions of US Mailboxes and we have every tool you’ll need to succeed!

Make Your Marketing Money Work

In today’s time of tight budgets, it’s hard to say how much marketing money you might be wasting. Updating your customer marketing list with Car Forward can help eliminate that waste, saving you thousands as a result.

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