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Providing healthcare industries direct mail marketing individualized for healthcare service professionals to grow their practice.

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Healthcare direct mail is an excellent way to grow your practice and your name!

When you’re operating an important practice like an healthcare clinic, finding, generating, tracking and maintaining new patients is absolutely crucial. Healthcare industries direct mail is an effective way to create new opportunities for your practice. Over the years, Innovative Direct has developed, engineered and highly refined a direct marketing strategy that creates sustainable and continuous lead generation. healthcare direct mail by Innovative Direct is an excellent way to grow your practice and your name!

Build your brand, grow your business

Build brand identity by staying in front of clients and prospective customers. Whether you are looking to expand your reach or establish and maintain a steady stream of new patients, Orthopedic direct mail can help you accomplish your goals by targeting the right prospects, as a result your practice and your clinic stays top-of-mind.

Orthopedic direct mail

Target the right prospect at the right time

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and thousands of criteria selects, you can connect with your best prospects at the best time which can increase your response greatly. Regardless what your specialization, Innovative Direct can help you drive in the clientele you’re looking to service.

Create multiple impressions from one campaign

Our proprietary omni-channel solution surrounds your mail and creates several other opportunities to get noticed and engaged by your ideal audience. These campaigns create recognition by showing your brand across multiple media platforms which in turn keeps your business easily accessible to your potential customers when they’re ready to buy.

Eliminate wasted marketing dollars

Using a highly targeted and laser like focus, Innovative Direct will help you identify and appeal to your specific targets. No need to farm out multiple companies to perform separate media platform campaigns. Avoid wasting your valuable marketing dollars on overlapping or ineffective advertising and use Innovative Direct.

More than just direct mail

coop direct mail

Need co-op compliant advertising?

Innovative Direct specializes in creating co-op compliant direct mail pieces for all types of manufacturers in all types of industries. Use your manufacturers money and brand to help build your business and increase your return on investment.
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