Smart Mail

Struggling to bring in serious or quality customers? Smart Mail by Innovative Direct has the solutions!

Direct Mail Still GetsThe Best Response!

Get your prospects attention, build brand recognition and drive them to action with a vibrant Oversized Postcard Mail Piece with our omni-channel program.

Smart Mail

It All Starts With The Mail Piece

Social Targeting
& Retargeting

Retargeting Online Display Ads

Mail Tracking
& Delivery

Call Tracking
& Reviewing

Website visitor

Informed Delivery
Ad by USPS

Proven Results. Powerful Strategy.

With our direct mail campaigns, you can reach your target audience with timely and relevant messages that are highly effective. We take the time to understand not only who you are targeting but also their demographics, interests and lifestyles. This information allows us to create tailored marketing strategies to reach the people most likely to respond to your messaging – which leads to more sales, happier customers and a higher ROI for your business.

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