Smart Mail


Increase direct mail conversion like never before with Smart Mail Boost from Innovative Direct!

Smart mail boost is The Direct Mail Power Boost You've Been Waiting For.

Combine the reliability of direct mail and
the reach of digital, all in one powerful solution!

Smart Mail


Increase direct mail conversion like never before with Smart Mail Boost from Innovative Direct!

Smart Mail Boost Direct Mail

Smart Mail Boost Is Our Proprietary Omni-Channel Direct Mail Enhancement Feature

RE-ENFORCE and RE-ENGAGE with your direct mail prospects for a full 30 days without the need for all those additional expensive products and complicated dashboards.

Smart Mail

It all starts with the mail piece

Working with you, we develop a high quality, vibrant and attention grabbing mail piece that conveys your message, services and brand ideals.

Pop up in your target's social feed

Using your target mailing list, we match Facebook® and Instagram® accounts. Your targets will begin to see your ads in their newsfeed before the mail ever arrives and long after.

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Re-enforce with Google Display Ads

When one of your mailing list targets visits your website, they will then receive your ads via the Google Display Network®, and as a result, are directed back to your website.

Informed Delivery® by USPS®

With Informed Delivery® by USPS®, your target receives an email of your mail piece before it arrives. Integrating with this system, we add a FULL-COLOR ad that will then drive your prospect to your website.

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Track your mail delivery

Track mail delivery down to the address in real-time. This feature is fully integrated with informed visibility and displayed graphically with Google Maps® which allows your see exactly where your mail has landed and when.

Review and monitor incoming calls

This feature includes full demographic data on each caller, a visually stunning display isolating each caller on Google® Maps, downloadable reports on all calls, and caller demographics and secure client access to incoming calls and recordings.

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Re-target site visitors with mail

Get a list of targets who visited your website from your mailing list, and even unique visitors not on your list, and re-target them with a direct mail campaign.

Track Your Entire Campaign From


Smart Mail Boost by Innovative Direct offers a unique combination of direct mail and digital marketing tools so that you can boost your reach to prospects and existing clientele. Our intelligent mailing solutions are cutting-edge strategies designed to take your automotive business to the next level.

How Can This Help My Automotive Business?

Our omnichannel enhanced direct mail tools allow you to effectively target consumers and convert them into customers.

These features allow you to not only rely on a single platform for a highly refined direct mail automotive marketing solution, but present a unified message through campaigns that touch consumers in a number of ways.

With our help, you can better understand your target audience so that you can reach and engage consumers quickly and successfully.

Omnichannel marketing is a strategy that presents your brand message across various platforms, like social media, email, direct mail to create a unified experience for consumers.

To make this happen, you first need to understand how people use each of these channels, as well as which medium they prefer when they receive information about different topics.

Our high-powered solutions help you to easily collect this information and send targeted messages across various platforms, all with a consistent brand voice. Our dynamic marketing tracks your consumer’s behavior to understand the best way to communicate with them.

Our Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Automate your dealership marketing with our proprietary, easy-to-use integrations. Our omnichannel approaches allow you to connect your mailing list directly to your social media accounts so that prospects will see your advertisements and messages across all platforms.

How Does Smart Mail Work?

Now, you can track mail all the way to your consumer's mailbox. Our Smart Mail tools allow you to see real-time results and metrics.

With our platform, you'll be able to send your campaigns directly to your customer’s social media platforms before they even receive the mail directly. This will help them to recognize your brand from the minute they open the mailbox.

These smart marketing solutions help your automotive business increase conversion and make more sales than ever before.

Multi-Channel vs. Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing focuses on improving the consumer experience, while the aim of multichannel marketing is to engage consumers.

Through our omnichannel direct mail platform, you can effortlessly create a consistent experience for all of your consumers. It's time to connect with your audience on a completely new level.

The key challenge with digital communication is the lack of context. With direct mail, you can make sure that you provide exactly what a consumer needs: details about your dealership tailored to their preferences.

You'll be able to see exactly who is engaging with your campaigns across platforms, which opens up a whole new world of opportunities. You'll be empowered to take the right actions to reach customers by knowing more about their experience than ever before.

How Omnichannel Marketing Can Take Your Automotive Direct Mail to the Next Level

Let's say that you start a direct mail campaign using our Oversized Tri-fold Self Mailer. You have the choice to add the Smart Mail Boost to enhance the effectiveness of the campaign by reinforcing and re-engaging prospects for a full 30 days.

The consumers on your mailing list can be delivered the same messages across their Instagram and Facebook feeds, so that you can drive sales, promote upcoming dealership events, and generate more leads.

When you take an additional step to market across all channels, your chances of being remembered by potential buyers can increase.

Turn to Innovative Direct for All of Your Automotive Marketing Needs

With over 14 years of experience in automotive marketing, Innovative Direct in Tampa, Florida, has developed an efficient and automated marketing approach to help you get in front of your consumers.

Our platform allows you to create and send customized campaigns while collecting real-time, meaningful data about each prospect and past customer, as well as their overall engagement.

Innovative Direct understands the importance of staying relevant and the challenges that come with reaching out to your customers.

Automated advertising can help to streamline automotive marketing for dealerships nationwide by connecting you with consumers across all available channels.

Our solutions for automotive businesses will change the way that you interact with customers forever. Contact us today to start taking your dealership to the next level, increase sales, and improve your consumer’s experience.[/bg_collapse]

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