Innovative Direct has developed the products and services you need to accomplish
your marketing goals and help maximize your return.


Combine the reliability of direct mail and the
reach of digital all in one powerful solution!

Our proprietary direct mail digital enhancement feature RE-ENFORCE and RE-ENGAGE with your direct mail prospects for a full 30 days without the need for all those additional expensive products and complicated dashboards.


Until you update it with our proprietary vehicle owner verification process…

Fully Automated Drip Campaigns

Built specifically for direct mail marketing

2 - Way Text Message Feature!

Now your customers can reach you,
and YOU can reach back instantly!

Are your sales people burdened with
setting appointments?

Let the appointment setting
professionals do it!

Our phone append solutions is the industry’s comprehensive resource of directory assistance and compiled cell phone and telephone number listings for the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. We provide forward append, reverse append, and new connects for consumer and business listings.

With our complete turn-key email campaigns
you can reinforce your direct mail campaign

With highly targeted and refined,
consistent messaging.

Our database is a high quality, permission-based national file with over 198 million unique e-mail addresses. Through comprehensive multi-step processes, Innovative appends e-mail addresses to postal addresses, and vice versa, validates addresses by flagging potential undeliverables, autocorrects syntactical errors, and identifies spam traps, complainers, and more. Once you submit your e-mail file, you’re returned a completely clean and validated list of e-mail addresses with DPV coded postal addresses.