License Plate Self Mailer

License Plate

Self Mailer

Prospects love the taste of nostalgia offered by the License Plate Self Mailer! In effect, receiving a license plate with their last name across it is sure to draw them in. Therefore, becoming receptive to your dealership offers and taking action.

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Smart mail

Smart Mail Delivers for the License Plate Self Mailer.

This invitation is combined with the power of our Smart Mail Solutions. As a result, impressions, engagements and response is all increased significantly over traditional direct mail. Therefore, you can win the weekend, save the month, make the quarter and put the year over the top. When you choose Innovative Direct, you choose a partner, not a vendor.
coop direct mail

Need co-op compliant advertising?

Innovative Direct specializes in creating co-op compliant direct mail pieces for all types of manufacturers in all types of industries. Use your manufacturers money and brand to help build your business and increase your return on investment.
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