Smart Mail™ Two-Way Texting

Smart Mail™ Two-Way Texting

Smart Mail™ 2-Way Texting—by Innovative Direct

Did you know that 67% of consumers would rather text a business about appointments and scheduling than have to call by phone or email someone? (Zipwhip State of Texting Report, 2019)

With Smart Mail™ 2-Way Texting, customers you've targeted with your direct mail can not only reach you, but can experience a higher sense of customer satisfaction and service when you reach back—Instantly! Keep leads hot and add 2-Way Texting to your next direct marketing campaign!


Lead Spark's lead matching drip campaign gets you results you can see and take action on.

Take your response rate to the next level!

Benefits of Using Smart Mail™ 2-Way Texting with Direct Mail

  • Customers Text Directly To The Tracking Phone Numbers
  • Respond To Customers In Real Time
  • View Any Previous Correspondence You, Or Someone Else From Your Team, Had With A Customer
  • Instant Alerts For Any Incoming Texts
  • Powerful Sales Tool
  • Maximize Your Direct Mail Results
Innovative Direct's Smart Mail™ 2-Way Texting for Direct Mail

Smart Mail | Boost™ is an innovative direct mail tool that seamlessly integrates a 360º approach to maximizing your marketing impact.