Buy Back Mailers

Buy Back Mailers

Bring Them in with Buy Back Mailers

Buy back mailers are effective in not only selling new vehicles but they bring in top quality pre-owned vehicles to add to your inventory! We all know the challenges of buying top quality pre-owned vehicles today. The auctions are getting top dollar for their vehicles because the demand is so high, so why spend all that time and effort at the auction when we can invite customers with local trades to visit you at your dealership? PLUS, with attractive manufacturer incentives and flexible financing options, it is easier than ever to sell a new vehicle.

Our Black Book and Kelly Blue Book mailers are buy backs on STEROIDS! These mailers put the power of the internet right into your prospects mailboxes by adding an actual value for their trade. Dealerships love these mailers because it adds another level of personalization to the mailer that gets results!

Benefits of Buy Back Mailers

  • Attracts serious buyers into your dealership
  • Dealers experience higher grosses as customers aren’t attracted by loss leaders
  • Dealers can target specific Year Makes & Models that they are looking to trade in
  • Increase market share by selling to owners of competitive makes

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Innovative Direct Makes Buy Back Mailers Simple & Very Effective!

Our Buy Back Mailers Include

  • An Account Manager that is experienced with targeting the correct prospects and picking the perfect mailer
  • An Account Coordinator that is experienced with handling changes to your mail
  • Quick Turnaround time
  • Lead generation system with CRM
  • Post Office receipts
  • Highly Accurate Conquest marketing list
  • List Hygiene for dealer’s database
  • Assistance with your multi-channel marketing

Valuable Options

  • Optional Car Forwarding™ process available in order to update mailing records with the most current owner of the vehicle (that your dealership had originally sold)
  • Optional Email append and Phone append services for a mutli-channel marketing campaign to help increase results by sending a uniform marketing message to a targeted audience with multiple mediums.