Saturation Mailers

Saturation Mailers

Market to Everyone with Saturation Mailers.

Increase your sales floor traffic for your next event with one of our Oversized Saturation Mailers. Dealers love our saturation mailers because they provide an affordable marketing solution that bring in boat loads of customers to their dealership during a sales event. These mailers are a great way to effectively market to customers that you normally wouldn’t target which allows you grow your brand with customers that aren’t familiar with you.

Create a buzz in your dealership that builds an atmosphere for selling vehicles.


  • Lower cost marketing with an increased reach by targeting everyone within a select marketing segment
  • Generates large volumes of traffic at your dealership
  • Potential for high volume of units sold
  • Creates a large number of leads for your dealership to work during and after the sale


  • Experienced Account Manager to assist with all aspects of your saturation mail campaign including list selection
  • Experienced Account Coordinator to assist with changes to the mailer and providing supporting documents
  • A wide selection of mailers to choose from in multiple sizes that get attention
  • Digital Tracking to create leads for your staff to set appointment
  • Fast Turnaround by our talented in-house artists
  • Saturation rate postal receipts and seeded mailers for your Coop reimbursement
  • Artwork and ad assistance for your multi-channel marketing
Saturation Mailers