Quality Conquest Data

Quality Conquest Data

Innovative Direct's Reliable Conquest Data provides your dealership with VIN DATA. Unlike other providers who merely attempt to model the most likely vehicle for their garage data, we determine EXACT VIN(s) belonging to a specific garage.

How it Works

  • Records are sourced through sales and service of new and used vehicles throughout multiple channels.
  • VINs are decoded in-house during the build process.
  • Proprietary methods are used to scrub out records where the vehicle is no longer on the road.
  • Records are matched to online IDs for cross-channel marketing.

Our collection methods from sources undergo extensive due diligence to be 100% compliant with state and federal laws. We conform to the Shelby Act, DPPA, and other similar legislation, making our auto leads appropriate for all types of marketing initiatives. Ongoing testing shows our data is 40%+ more accurate than other data sets, and only Innovative Direct has daily, weekly and monthly processes that track vehicle dispositions.

VIN Data is available for all 50 states, including privacy states with zero marketing restriction.

Innovative Direct includes the following data on every lead record.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year

Another reason our data outperforms the competition is who we don’t mail.
While we are in the business to sell mail, we have built our business on selling mail that is more effective. So, who we suppress out of our mailing lists are VERY important.

  • Vehicles that been exported out of the country
  • Vehicles that have gone to a junkyard
  • Vehicles that have been traded to a dealership
  • Customers that are deceased or incarcerated

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