Phone Append Services

Phone Append Services

Industry leading phone append solutions

Our phone append solutions is the industry’s comprehensive resource of directory assistance and compiled cell phone and telephone number listings for the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. We provide forward append, reverse append, and new connects for consumer and business listings.

Our data is multi-sourced, providing you with the most comprehensive data resource available.

We offer access to the most current listings of both new residential or business customers. Our data is sourced from over 200 telephone companies nationwide, and we receive an average of 106,000 new connect listings daily through direct feeds.

New Connect Select

Choose new listings, for a specific geographic area or date range, all within 24 hours of the 411 Directory Assistance listing update. The perfect solution for maintaining the most up-to-date database and targeted marketing campaigns to new movers throughout the U.S. on a daily basis. In addition to new connects, we can provide disconnected service information. This is an invaluable indicator of a “pre-move” and is another tool to help you maintain a clean and up-to-date database.

Call With Confidence

Our confidence coding system also allows you to select the most accurate records to power your telemarketing campaigns. Provide us with your SAN number and we can flag or drop consumer telephone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry from your file. Whether you need to append phone numbers to an existing customer file, or need new connects as sales leads, Innovative can provide the quality data you need, quickly and accurately, at a great price.

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Name and telephone number look-up using a street address and zip code as the search criteria


Name and address look-up using an area code and telephone number as the search criteria


Confirmation of existing telephone numbers.

Premium Phone Append

  • 100M directory assistance records
  • The most current and updated telephone numbers available
  • Updated daily

HTFD™ (Hard to Find Data)

  • Wireless, cable and VoIP residential listings with complete names and current postal address
  • Over 130M listings
  • Flag and verify wireless phone numbers on your data files

Standard Phone Append

  • 260 million records
  • Compiled from white page listings
  • Updated monthly