Now A Local Midwest Direct Mail Provider

Now A Local Midwest Direct Mail Provider

Innovative Direct Launches Local Direct Mail Services Across The Midwest.

By Mitch Eiler //Director of Digital Content

Recently, Innovative Direct filled a key role by hiring Kyler Laurie as National Sales Director. With this move, Innovative Direct can now offer its current and future Partners in the Midwest what it was unable to previously; a LOCAL expert who can seek to understand your business' unique needs and goals while helping you grow your marketshare.

Dealerships and businesses alike in Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, Milwaukee, Detroit and surrounding metro areas can now rely on Kyler to be their point-of-contact throughout the entire process of ordering, building, and delivering a direct marketing campaign with Innovative Direct. As always our partners can rely on the same level of excellence that so many others have come to expect and will always do our best to get you lightning-fast turnaround times (some as quick as 24 hours), unique and incredibly powerful AI-driven direct marketing products, and industry-leading creative.

When asked what he was most excited about with his new role at Innovative Direct, Kyler expressed his enthusiasm to not only continue serving new and current partners with the same passion and dedication that has resulted in his (and their) success over the last seven years in the industry, but also a true excitement to help them reach the next level with the most innovative direct mail products in the industry!

"I'm overly excited to not only continue partnering with the best businesses out there, but also to continue focusing on your business' unique objectives and finding new ways to leverage the latest technology in direct communications to grow your business. Whether it is a one-time direct marketing communication or a multi-channel digital campaign, I can continue to spark interest in existing clientele and increase your market share by finding new prospects."

Whether you are an independent dealer or part of a large automotive group, or even a small or large business owner and would like to partner up with Kyler, you can do so by connecting with him via linkedIn, or you can email him by clicking the button below.

Innovative Direct is the Midwest's newest local choice in direct mail. Now providing direct mail services to Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Detroit, Louisville and the surrounding areas!

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