Lead Spark™

Lead Spark™

Lead Spark: Fully-Automated Drip Campaigns—Built Specifically for Direct Mail Marketing.

60% of consumers visit websites after receiving corresponding direct mail. However, less than 1% of  Leads will ever take action on their first visit and will not engage with re-targeting emails and banners, leaving you with no idea who visited your site as a result of your direct mail—until now.

Lead Spark gives you the power to track any website visitor regardless of how they arrived—Direct Mail or otherwise—and lets you automatically send each unique visitor a direct mail follow-up piece, complete with a compelling call-to-action in as few as 72 hours!

Ready to target your web traffic with cost-effective personalized Direct Mail?

Results You Can See

Total Leads

Represents the total number of unique visitors to your business' website with verified mailing addresses that can be mailed an engaging personalized follow-up card in as few as 72 hours.

Total Matches

See the number of unique website visitors that have verifiable mailing addresses AND have been identified as part of your active direct mail campaign. 

Online Follow-Ups

See the total number of unique website visitors who came to your page and are actively being retargeted on the Google Display Network with ads matching your current direct mail campaign.

Lead Spark Dashboard Screenshot

How Lead Spark Works

  Whether its because of a Direct Mail Campaign they received, or it was just time to shop for a new vehicle, Lead Spark kicks in to action the moment someone visits your website or event landing page.

  As soon as they hit your page, Lead Spark begins collecting IP Addresses, Device ID's, and Cookies from Visitors and crosschecking them with publicly available information and your mailing list (when applicable) to match Visitors with a physical mailing address.

   Finally, each unique Visitors info is then populated into a detailed mailing list, and Lead Spark quickly sends them a follow-up Direct Mail piece—automatically and with a personalized, high call-to-action message designed to turn leads into customers.

Lead Spark's lead matching drip campaign gets you results you can see and take action on.

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