Innovative Lead Generation

Innovative Lead Generation

We offer highly trackable lead generation, available as an add-on to complement any type of mailer from Innovative Direct.

On your mailer, you can opt for the lead generation feature which is comprised of a small box with instructions for the customer to learn more about their special offer in the way that they feel the most comfortable. These options include:

  • Calling (IVR): The customer can call and enter an access code that will prompt an Immediate Voice Response.
  • Text: The customer can text their access code to the number you provide.
  • Web (PURL): Your mailer will contain a personal URL with the recipient’s name embedded in the link. This will give your mailer an extremely personalized feel.
  • In store: The customer can elect to bring in their mailer and display their special offer in person.

Innovative Direct’s tracking system is easy to use, mobile-compatible, and results are updated in real time. Dealerships can take advantage of these insights and communicate with their sales teams to close more deals and sell more vehicles.

Measure your ROI through IVR, PURL, TEXT or by tracking mailers brought into your showroom from your newest qualified customers. Contact us today to get started.

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