High Interest Rate

High Interest Rate

Gain New Customers with our High Interest Rate Mailers

This is a great opportunity to increase customer loyalty by mailing customers who are paying higher interest rates than they should be. Many sub-prime customers “repair” their credit standing with a vehicle purchase. Those purchases come at a great cost for the customer, paying interest rates of 9.99 to 21% and sometime more!

Imagine how happy these customers will be that they will be able to trade out of their high monthly payments for a new vehicle that is safer, oftentimes more fuel efficient and save them money on their monthly payments! This is a real opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with your dealership.


  • Increased opportunity of gaining lifetime customers
  • Increased referral opportunities by satisfied customers

What you get

  • An Account Manger to guide you through your options
  • Digital Tracking to generate leads
  • Accurate credit lists that are updated every 30 days

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