Combine the reliability of direct mail
and the reach of digital all in one
powerful solution!

Social Media Icons

Our Proprietary Omni Channel Direct Mail Enhancement Feature

RE-ENFORCE and RE-ENGAGE with your direct mail prospects for a full 30 days without the need for all those additional expensive products and complicated dashboards.

Connect your mailing list to customer social media accounts

Increase direct mail conversion like never before!
By matching the actual mailing list to your prospects Facebook® and Instagram® accounts
not only will they receive the mail piece, but they’ll be delivered the SAME message on their
social feeds, even before the mail piece is delivered.

Customer targeting and re-targeting customers in the market

If a prospect leaves your website without taking the desired action, your ads will show up
throughout the Google Display Network®, directing them back to your website long after
the mail event is over!

Provides a 7% to 10% average click-through rate

With our Informed Delivery® Integration with the USPS®, we enhance your mail campaign
by adding a FULL-COLOR ad showing your mail piece with a link directly to your website.

Confirmations on mail hitting the mailboxes

Track mail right down to the address in real-time.

This feature is fully integrated with informed visibility and displayed

graphically with Google Maps.®

Full demographic, recordings, and reports for all campaign calls

This feature includes full demographic data on each caller, a visually stunning display
isolating each caller on Google® Maps, downloadable reports on all calls, and caller
demographics and secure client access to incoming calls and recordings.

Direct Mail Re-target your mailing list and unique visitors to your website

Get a list of who came to your website from your mailing and even unique visitors. What
does this do exactly? You can:

Example of analytics report

Track your entire
campaign from one