BDC Services

BDC Services

Be There for Customers—Even When You Cant with BDC Services.

When it comes to Business Development Centers, many dealers often face the same challenge when handling the inbound call volume that targeted campaigns generate. How do we ensure effective call handling?

Innovative’s BDC Services enable us to design “turn key” campaigns for your dealership that have the call handling “built in.” In partnership with Innovative Direct, you can generate hundreds of targeted customers every month with the peace-of-mind that every inbound call will be handled by highly skilled agents who acting on behalf of your dealership.

Maximize your campaigns performance with BDC Services from Innovative Direct.

Business Development Center Services by Innovative Direct

BDC Benefits

Consistency of Service

Innovative Direct provides a “specialized” on-demand call center infrastructure for dealers to fulfill specific targeted campaigns such as “Bad Credit” or “Vehicle Buy Backs.” BDC ensures a consistent customer experience that maintains the highest level of campaign performance.


We invest in systems and hire specialized talent to optimize targeted campaign performance. Our specialization enables us to put our agents to work performing the same tasks repeatedly where they are able to improve and produce measurably higher results over time.

Decrease Attrition

Campaigns supported by highly skilled BDC agents outperform campaigns supported by IVR or direct-to-dealer every time. This enhanced campaign performance supports repeat orders and strengthens the partnership between Innovative Direct and you.

Assistance On-Demand

We are ready and able to provide world class call center fulfillment to dealers and dealer groups of all sizes, whether it’s one campaign or one hundred campaigns. Every campaign achieves best-in class results.

How BDC Services Work

  Customer receives your direct mail

  Customer responds by phone or visiting the a custom PURL

  Inbound calls are answered immediately, while online leads are qualified and called within 4 minutes—24/7.

  Customer information is obtained / confirmed

  Appointments are set. Customer receives a confirmation and dealer receives their application and appointment invitation

  Dealer sells the car

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