Direct Mail

Direct Mail


Did you know that for every $167 spent on direct mail in the US, marketers sell $2,095 in goods? (Source: Print is Big) That's a result of the current customer culture looking for unique and memorable experiences that result in tangible takeaways.

Automotive Direct mail has the greatest potential marketing impact for your dealership because it's the only one that offers a real and approachable experience for your customer.

For well over a decade now, Innovative Direct has been providing expert automotive direct mail services to auto dealerships, dealer groups, and OEM's of all sizes across the United States. Throughout that time, our passion to create and present the best designs and concepts possible, is what has separated us from other automotive marketing companies. Our efforts to incorporate extensive automotive marketing research, paired with dealership personalization, into our automotive direct mail campaigns, has been the foundation for our dealerships success.


We offer a wide variety of custom Automotive Direct Mail campaign options—all built specifically to help you maximize your ROI and achieve your dealership's sales goals. Contact us today to talk through what your goals are, and let one of our industry experts help you put a Direct Marketing campaign together that will change your sales game forever!

Browse a gallery of our most popular Direct Mail campaign options.

Increase sales floor traffic for your next event with one of our oversized saturation mailers. These mailers provide an affordable marketing solution while bringing in a high volume of customers to their dealership during a sales event. Saturation is a great way to effectively market to customers that you normally wouldn’t target—which helps you gain customers that aren’t familiar with your brand.

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Our Black Book and Kelly Blue Book mailers are buy backs on steroids! These mailers put the power of the internet right into your prospects mailboxes by adding an actual value for their trade. Dealerships love these mailers because it adds another level of personalization to the mailer that gets results!

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Increase Your Service RO’s with a Service Mailer! Your service drive is a valuable part of your dealership. Not only is it a profit source for your company but it is also a great way to increase vehicle sales and the best way to keep your pre-owned inventory stocked properly.

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Increase customer loyalty by mailing customers who are paying higher interest rates than they should be. Customers will be excited when they learn that they can trade out of their high monthly payments for a new vehicle that can save them money on their monthly payments!

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Sadly, the number of consumers that have less than perfect credit has dramatically increased in recent years. However, proactive dealers know that targeting these clients is a great way to sell new and pre-owned inventory with increased profit margins when the customer is worked properly.

See more of the benefits to using Sub Prime Credit mailers in your next direct mail campaign.
With an increasing number of customers leasing vehicles, our early lease termination mailer is a great way to sell a new vehicle to a customer whose lease is coming to an end. This benefits your business in that it will allow you to capture customers before they hit the open market—eliminating the chance for your competition to sell them.

Here are a few more reasons why you should be sending early lease termination mailers to your customers.
The Traffic Builders are designed to maximize response potential. Responders will be given a designated window to take advantage of the offers displayed in the mail piece. Every interval of pieces will be printed with overlapping dates. This program is proven to be exceptionally successful.

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Stand out from the crowd—for high end dealers and dealers in challenging markets, Innovative Direct has a line of mailers that can help you stand out and get attention in the customer’s mailbox.

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