Harness the power of artificial intelligence and target
the right prospect right on time, every time.

With Innovative Direct’s Smart Mail™ A.I., we can manage and analyze data in order to
provide behavioral targeting and data-driven solutions to customers of all sizes.
Whether you need new customers, need to append data to your customer file,
clean up or enrich your data, or learn more about your clients, we can help.

Our Auto Data provides the insights you need for the right
consumer connections, with information on over:






Email Adresses, Demographics
& Online Consumer ID’s

V.I.N. Data is available for ALL 50 STATES, including privacy states,
with zero marketing restrictions.

Are you wasting money contracting someone
about the vehicle they no longer own?

Red Car
Car Forwarding


This allows you to know when a vehicle you sold
changes owners, who the new owners are, how
to contact them, and which offer will be most
relevant to them in your e-marketing and direct
mail marketing strategies.

No More Wasted Marketing Dollars

Car Forwarding™ makes sure you get the most value
out of your marketing.

New Service Prospects

Targeting the new owners of the vehicles you’re familiar with is a great opportunity to ramp up your service center profits.

Optimized Audience Targeting

Our database is enhanced with data that shows you a comprehensive view of your customers and prospects including demographics, lifestyle behaviors, and more.

Smart Mail™ utilizes the largest and most accurate data
in the automotive marketing industry.

40% More Accurate

Decrease media waste by over 25%

Smart Mail

Our collection methods from sources undergo extensive due diligence to be 100% compliant with state and federal laws. We conform to the Shelby Act, DPPA, and other similar legislation, making our auto leads, appropriate for all types of marketing initiatives. Ongoing testing shows our data is 40%+ more accurate than other data sets, and only Smart Mail AI has daily, weekly and monthly processes that track vehicle dispositions.