Address Hygiene

Address Hygiene


Save money by ensuring that your direct marketing campaigns are deliverable.

Innovative Marketing Direct, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of marketing intelligence and digitally driven solutions. We manage and analyze data in order to provide behavioral targeting and data-driven solutions to customers of all sizes.

Whether you need new customers, need to append data to your customer file, clean up or enrich your data, or learn more about your clients, we can help.


National Change of Address Full Service

(NCOALink® 48 months)

Compiled by the USPS, this file contains 48 months of move data and will provide updated addresses, while standardizing deliverable addresses. NCOALink® is updated weekly.

48 month NCOA includes:

  • Address Standardization
  • DPV
  • Zip Code Correction
  • DPVTM (Delivery Point Validation)
  • LACS® 
  • SuiteLink

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National Change of Address Limited Service

(NCOALink® 18 months)

Compiled by the USPS, this file contains 18 months of move data and will provide updated addresses, while standardizing deliverable addresses. This file offers significant cost savings to marketers who regularly scrub their files for move updates.

Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS)

CASS Certified® matching software combines address standardization, Zip+4 correct and append along with carrier route and line of travel coding using address ranges from the USPS.

Locatable Address Correction Service (LACSLink®)

LACSLink® converts all rural format addresses to standard street addresses. The LACS database consists of address conversions that the USPS has obtained and verified, primarily as a result of Emergency 911 system implementation.

Delivery Sequence File (DSF 2®)

DSF 2® contains every domestic deliverable address identified by the USPS. DSF standardizes records, allowing mailers to qualify for higher postage discounts.

Address Element Correction (AEC)

AEC checks each address for accuracy and deliverability based on USPS standards, and corrects non-standardized addresses that can cause mailings to be disqualified for postal discounts.

Apartment Number/Secondary Address Append

Through DSF2® processing, records are identified as either single family dwelling units or multiple family dwelling units. DSF appends secondary unit or apartment number information where available.

Deceased File Processing

Innovative has improved the process of dropping the names of deceased individuals from mailing campaigns, saving money and avoiding unnecessary anguish for the bereaved.

Proprietary Change of Address

On average, only 65% of moves are documented through the US Postal Service; therefore, many records are left undeliverable through standard NCOA processing. We provide a solution to this problem by utilizing our PCOA database, which is powered by billions of transactions from hundreds of sources of transactional data with historical linkage going back 72-plus months.