About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Whether you’re after a fast start to your month or you need a strong finish, join the movement of dealers, dealer groups and advertising agencies that have been reaping the success of using us. Year after year, Innovative Direct has been helping dealers and advertising agencies achieve great results time and time again!

Our Mission

To create lasting partnerships with automotive dealers in order to help them maximize their direct mail return on investment.

Our Vision

To provide world class customer service, value and return on investment to our automotive partners.

Our Values

Customer Service
Customer satisfaction is for lesser companies. We provide unbelievable service.
Live life with integrity
We will always do the right thing.
When we say we are going to do it- we do it.
Show respect in all interactions.
There is nothing more important than our clients’ needs and goals.
We always communicate quickly and honestly
We nurture the attitude of One Team, One Goal.
We take enthusiastic measures dedicated to our clients success.
Staying dedicated to our companies mission
We surround ourselves with only the most talented employees.
Highly Specialized
By staying laser focused on automotive we can offer the highest level of understanding and execution.

Our Difference

  • In-house art staff - fast turnaround with outstanding artwork
  • In-house list coordinators - With decades of list and data experience, we handle the simple to the most complex of list requests with ease to target the proper audience every time.
  • Dedicated Account Reps - Our reps will work closely with your staff on changes to the proofs to make sure that your proof is just the way you like it, each and every time.
  • National Sales Executives - Again with decades of direct mail experience with dealers in every kind of market nationwide. Not only can we make suggestions for mailers based on the selling season. We are skilled at picking the correct mailer for what the client is looking to achieve. 

Our Strategic Partners

  • List Partners - Every mail company says they have the best list provider, We periodically test other list sources and so far we haven’t seen any that are as clean and accurate as our list partners. They not only verify the data against multiple points of publicly gathered data sources but they also suppress out data that others just don’t; exported vehicles, vehicles that have entered the junk yard & vehicles that have been traded in.
  • Printing Partners - We have vested interest in multiple print houses. This provides us with a wide selection of mailers (styles), faster turnaround times and extremely competitive pricing.